20 Best Educational Games for Kids by Subjects & Grades

If you’re just interested in making a game and have access to a game engine, you can make games without getting entrenched in the technical stuff. In any case, the topics that concern engine programming are still involved under the hood of these tools, but there’s a limit to how much you can customize them. For instance, you wouldn’t be involved in memory management, but you would still be learning the physics system and graphics system for that particular engine.

Educational games development

This document describes the company’s common approach to software testing. When you make your own educational games, it’s better to opt for custom design as it offers full freedom in creating the designs and features you want. With demand for remote and digital solutions growing in connection with recent events, many companies and schools are wondering how to make a game for kids that they will be able to enjoy on digital devices. It is not easy to make educational games for kids, but certainly doable with the right strategy.

Top Skills to Develop in Educational Games

Their characteristics and learning behaviors have changed due to their daily exposure to technology, known as ‘digital natives’ [1]. Instead of traditional teaching strategies, they tend to prefer technology-enhanced learning (TEL), as it allows instructors and learners to have flexibility in terms of time, location, and pace [2, 3]. In combination with gaming features, TEL can be strategically designed and developed to be more engaging known as serious games.

Educational games development

With over 4,000 fun games and activities, it’s the perfect balance of learning and play for your little one. Studies reveal that there has been a massive surge in the gaming industry to develop games for a child’s social and emotional learning skills. Some games exhibit strong pedagogical properties for teaching core subjects like humanities, mathematics, and sciences. Whether you represent a private business, a large enterprise or an educational institution, our e-learning platform development services will greatly improve the performance of your company.


According to our experience, the average cost of a full-fledged project costs the owners about $ 20,000 – $ 100,000. Do not forget about quality testing – you should carry it out at all stages of product development. It is one of the core advantages of outsourcing – the vendor you choose will assemble a team that will comprehensively work on your business idea completion. Each sprint will go through planning, implementation, analysis, and approval by the product owner. This way, nothing happens outside your control, and you and the development team avoid confusion, chaos, and latency issues. Use different plugins to enable course creators to make their content unique and interactive.

  • Promoting creativity and self-expression within educational games can enhance the learning experience for children.
  • In that sense, it is possible to say that today young people are interested in being the party that produces games.
  • Eloh is a visually beautiful musical puzzle game that teases your brain without stressing you out.
  • In fact, Mayer (2020) emphasizes the need for more in-depth research by stating that a saturation point has been reached in the studies comparing traditional methods and game-based learning activities in the literature.

If you need radical changes in the code, you’ll not need to redo the application from scratch, but you can use an existing solution. For these reasons, hybrid development is the best way to create an online learning game for iOS and Android with a reasonable reduction of budget funds, high implementation speed, and almost unlimited prospects. Hyper-casual games, characterized by short and diverse gameplay sessions, are well-suited for educational games targeting children.

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If the application doesn’t require the use of cutting-edge technologies, a giant list of features, then this time can be enough. However, when creating a large-scale platform or video game with virtual or augmented reality technologies, be prepared to spend at least a year. Some of the projects that our engineers helped create have been developing for over two years, and we continue to provide support, bug fixing, and assistance in software implementation. By infusing fun into the learning experience, educational games can capture children’s interest and encourage active participation.

Educational games development

The primary objective of educational games is to make learning enjoyable for children. Incorporating entertainment into game design is essential to engage and motivate young learners. By linking visuals to new knowledge, educational games can enhance retention and understanding, making it beneficial to build the game’s plot around the subject being taught. For example, literature can be taught through adventures with historical figures or folklore characters, engaging kids with interactive storytelling. For a comprehensive learning experience, there are educational games that cover multiple subjects. These games act as virtual tutors, combining subjects from various fields like languages, arts, sciences, and more.

Interactive Games That Will Make Elementary Kids Smarter (Grades 1 –

Kerbal Space Program and its expansions — Breaking Ground and Making History — are available for PC and console. Portal is along the lines of Little Big Planet, but it’s a bit more mature. The first Portal got a Teen rating for the inclusion of some bloodstains, but Portal 2 is rated E. The games might be a bit scary or difficult for players under 9, Common Sense Media suggests. You can send one to me at When you send it in, let me know if I can use your real name if it’s selected or if you’d prefer remaining anonymous and have a pseudonym in mind. Developers and app stores often label apps as “educational” with little research or evidence, and few experts, to support those claims.

Immerse yourself in the captivating realm where educational games have undergone a remarkable transformation. Today, games have evolved into powerful tools that ignite curiosity, foster critical thinking, and unlock the boundless potential of young minds. The navigation and usability of serious games can be considered as important. A complicated navigation could distract students from serious gaming activities, which could have negative impact on the achievement of learning outcomes [10].

Want to Create an Educational Game App?

But at independent studios, we get a little more flexibility to take risks and get creative. I work on a small team now, and I love constantly communicating and interfacing with developers and designers. I also get the opportunity to apply (and learn) a lot of different skill sets.

Educational games development

You might be interested to know how IoT benefiting education sector. To read more about how digital apps can help preschoolers develop early cognitive skills, read this article by Anya S. Evmenova, professor in the Special Education program at George Mason University’s School of Education. For more information on degree offerings in Mason’s Special Education program, please visit the program website. Covering the development of games on the most popular platforms and attracting the attention of players with a wide variety of preferences is one of our main features. Creative freedom and self-direction isn’t all that the game lends its players, according to iD Tech.

Real-World Application

When starting to plan a business idea, it is better to find a pro E-learning app development services company. Discovery specialists will be able to advise you on technologies, working methods, feature lists, estimates, and deadlines. The best way how to make your own educational game with minimal risk is with an MVP. With it, you first implement only vital functions, and then, based on user feedback, you will expand the feature list and modify the website.

The abundance of online tutorials made it easy for me to learn by myself. Simply speaking, Game Development is the overall educational mobile application development process of creating a video game. And if you thought that making a video game is as easy as playing one, well it’s not!!!

Kerbal Space Program

A slower-paced, easier set of puzzles for kids as young as preschool. Our editorial transparency tool uses blockchain technology to permanently log all changes made to official releases after publication. However, this post is not an official release and therefore not tracked.

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